Date: 9th June 2016 at 10:19pm
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Looks like Phil Parkinson will be the next Bolton manager. We react in rhyme. Obviously.

Those of you of a certain age, may remember ‘Beyond our Ken`!

A satirical, whimsical, funny show heard on the radio now and then

We sat along with Kenneth Horne and split our sides at all the jokes.

But knew the innuendo and double entendres were just a hoax.

It appears the ‘Deano – Anderson show is akin to those far off days,

As we witness all the comedy, produced in so many ways.

It seems the demise of our great club, is truly beyond our Ken,

As the gobbledegook we are hearing, is on a par with ‘Bill and Ben`!

Of course, if it wasn`t so outrageous, it would be really tragic.

Just to hear a semblance of the truth would indeed be truly magic!

What`s happened to our marquee signing the manager we all crave.

The man Ken says would walk here. A multi-tasker who is brave!

A young energetic manager who knows his way around League One

Who`s done it. Got the T-shirt. When all is said and done!

And where`s the £3million that Ken had promised to invest,

No doubt still resting in his bank account. I`m afraid I do not jest!

Why are we still under an embargo. Why haven`t we paid our dues.

Why have half our promising youngsters gone? One can only muse.

Hold on! Stop Press! Hold your breath!….

It`s just come on the telly!

It`s Parky who has got the job. God, my legs have gone to jelly!

A good appointment by our Ken. And a lad from Chorley too,

I guess those Germans down at Bradford decided he was through.

So just like in the Alan Sherman song, a comical sixties trend-setter.

Fellow Wanderers and Vital Bolton fans please disregard this letter!


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