Date: 15th January 2016 at 6:05pm
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Anthony Hart reports in light of the unrest between us and Sheffield Wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday have denied claims they glued everything down in the visitors’ dressing room on Tuesday night in order to ensure anyone involved with Bolton Wanderers didn’t try to steal anything and sell it on to generate funds for the cash strapped club.

Worried about the potential non-receipt of ticket gates, Sheffield Wednesday forced travelling supporters to pay on the gate for Tuesday’s Gary Megson Derby, but things may have gone too far when what looked like a sensible concern turned quickly into paranoia.

An unnamed Sheffield Wednesday source said: ‘Someone acting on behalf of the owner came down to the kitman and told him everything had to be tied down so ‘the poor team’ wouldn’t take anything.’

It is understood any appliances were either gaffer taped or glued down, CCTV was covertly installed in the dressing room and mugs were branded ‘STOLEN FROM SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY.’

A further low was reached when players and other staff were searched on their way out of ‘S6’ to make sure nothing had been stashed into their pockets.

‘I love the Owls, but I think it was a bit too much,’ said the source. ‘Bolton are a good club going through a bad time, just like we have. But they must have felt really demeaned after all that.’

In other news, Zach Clough has turned down Bristol City, stating he was never a fan of the Friday Night Project with Justin Lee Collins. Or the Wurzels.


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