Date: 24th December 2007 at 11:23am
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Christmas is coming,
Campo`s getting fat,
Nico`s off to Chelsea,
Fancy that!
The paper`s rave he`s joining City,
Though that`s nothing new,
It might be quicker listing,
Who he isn`t going to.

Christmas is coming,
Nixon is a mong,
The Daily Mirror`s favourite muppet,
Always gets things wrong.
Kevin Nolan`s leaving,
So is El Hadji Diouf,
Have a change this yuletide, Alan,
Try and tell the truth.

Christmas is coming,
And so to Gerald Cid,
Any chance that Wigan,
Can put in a crafty bid?
We`ve signed bad players, in the past,
But not on four year deals,
Bog off back to Bordeaux, Gerald,
We`ll supply the wheels.

Christmas is coming,
Nolan`s on the pies,
Is it any wonder,
‘Bout his growing belly size?
Stuff your face for now Kev,
Although it`s been kept quiet,
Come the New Year, you`ll be going,
On the Atkins Diet.

Christmas is coming,
We`re full of festive cheer,
Things are fine at Bolton,
Now that Fatty isn`t here.
Keep an eye on Newcastle,
The Mags are such a hoot,
Give Big Sam a fortnight,
And then he gets the boot.

Merry Christmas to all Bolton fans. Thanks for your messages of support for the site, and here`s to a great footballing 2008.


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