Date: 7th June 2010 at 4:38pm
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Easy ladies, we’ll get to Frank Worthington getting you all excited down The Bolton Arena soon enough.

But first, it has been reported in more than one paper today that Bolton are firming up an offer for Martin Petrov who is out of contract at The Council House. Petrov,for those of you who have lost count of the players at Citeh who haven’t got a hope of getting back in the team, is out of contract and free to move.

Interesting one this. For a start, before the oil came in Petrov showed some class on the wing at Eastlands and scored a couple of pretty tasty goals. He won’t cost any money and his wages are of a level that we could just about afford, once the dead wood has been sold on.

However, looking at his performances in the past couple of years he does have a tendency to get lost in games when they aren’t going Citeh’s way and doesn’t track back when called upon. Now, unless he has glandular fever that makes him seem pretty lazy and we already have a winger who has used that excuse. He also seems to have got himself injured a couple of times and that makes you wonder if he has Bullarditis.

So injury prone and £40,000 per week, doesn’t track back and gets lost in games. While it seems that there is genuine interest in him, I’d prefer to look at emerging talent, not those looking for a last pay day which sounds a little like the last days of Big Sam. So I’d so thanks but no thanks, but if they want to send us a grown up Weiss that would be dandy.

Speaking of dead wood, it only just occurred to me that Nigeria are in Argentina’s group, which means that there is the prospect of The Shitt trying to keep tabs on Lionel Messi. And as if that wasn’t funny enough, Danny thinks he’s up to the job. This is good news for anyone who likes to see fresh talent down Deansgate Locks, as Mr Shittu will obviously by appearing down the Comedy Store next year while warming the reserves bench such is his sense of humour.

To the god that is Francis Worthington and he was down the Arena over the weekend signing some autographs while making like the sex god he is. I assume that’s what he was doing as living and working in London precluded me from attending.

However, as Frank was no doubt pulling some birds for an evening on the town before taking a couple back for a night on the leopard skin chez lounge, he told the former BEN that he backed Rooney to perform at the World Cup. I’m sure that he said a great deal more things less bland involving, but not limited to, sky diving, a gallon of whisky and a donkey no doubt, but the paper seems to have edited them out.

I, like many others, bumped into Frank in a pub in Cardiff before the play off final. There aren’t many players who can be considered to be a hero of supporters while playing little more than eighty games for their club in a career that took in twenty three others, but that didn’t stop a hundred people offering to buy him a drink. And that wasn’t the first time I had met Frank, although the first time was twenty three years earlier in the dressing room at Burnden. That story will be left for another time.

And with that I will leave it for today and return to watching England struggling to beat a village team. They should have asked Frank to play.

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