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Bolton Rumours: No Surprise There


There was a rush of tweets from Alan Nixon’s protected account today. Two were relevant to Bolton Wanderers, but neither were stunning developments, with all due respect to Mr Nixon. 

Firstly, a possible outgoing. Nobody would be shocked to find out we were trying to shift Ben Amos away from the club, and at least partially off the wage bill once again. Millwall are the club apparently interested, although it would be interesting to see whether Amos is back-up, or a replacement for the current keeper Jordan Archer, who recently made his international debut for Scotland.

As for the other tweet, a bit vaguer. “Talking to a midfielder. Free Championship experience. Inside budget. Do a bit if gets closer (no idea what that sentence means). Saving bigger wages for a striker.”

Again, no surprise, we need a midfielder. And it’s now common knowledge we’re front-loading the wage budget towards a striker. It all makes sense, even if we haven’t learnt a great deal.

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