Date: 5th April 2019 at 6:16pm
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Saturday’s match was in doubt, then it was off, then it was on again, and now it’s in doubt again.

The latest problem, an IT failure which has seemingly crippled the University of Bolton Stadium, will have to be fixed overnight if Wanderers are to actually take the field against Ipswich tomorrow, which is also doubly painful for those opposing fans who have to make the 789587932 mile round trip. There were reports earlier of people not being able to buy tickets online or get in touch with the club over the phone

It probably is a genuine problem, but when the club has been ran as farcically as it has in recent times, nobody can be blamed for being cynical. The players said in their statement yesterday they were focused on the game despite not being paid, so it isn’t their doing, while the SAG would surely have come out swinging if the club had declared the game was going ahead yesterday without them being satisfied that side of things was sorted out.

Now if the IT failure was caused by it being underfunded or something, I’d buy into that. But for now, let’s just hope we can have a game tomorrow, and wonder if we could turn the club off and on again to solve all the problems…


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