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Big Phil’s got a list. You’re not on it…

During an international break, with no England players to worry about, when it comes to writing about Bolton Wanderers, you generally have to scratch around, elongate stories about the club cat going for a walk or generally make stuff up. The articles usually look like the essays you used to write at school, when your teacher told you that in the introduction you tell them what you’re going to write, then you write it, then in the conclusion you tell them what you’ve written.

Luckily, we don’t have to do that during this international break, as we’ve fired our manager. Maybe this could be a new thing to appease the literally six Bolton Wanderers fan sites. Get to an international break and fire the manager. Give us something to write about. Don’t worry about it not doing anything for stability. That’s not the issue.

As today progressed, managers were in and managers were out. Odds lengthened and shortened in much the same way that shadows do. A bald man from an impoverished club suddenly leapt in the rankings, soaring like a salmon to take his place amongst the top three favourites, whilst a dour Yorkshireman with grey hair and an even greyer demeanour was told that he wasn’t even on the shortlist. Or long list. Or even shopping list.

It is strange that a man with a track record like Mick McCarthy isn’t even being considered by the club but his non inclusion on the list of possible managers that Phil Gartside is currently grapsing in his hot little hand in one fell swoop limits the managers that we are going for to ‘anyone born after 1965ish’. Not that there were many managers born before that that Bolton fans were expecting. It does, however, get rid of any notion of Glenn Hoddle or Graeme Souness coming.

Michael Appleton’s sudden appearance at the top of the betting charts is a surprise. Whilst he is doing a job holding Portsmouth together with some sticky backed plastic and chewing gum, this doesn’t necessariy mean he is the man for the job. He cobbled together a team and beat us 3-0 in pre season, but the credit for that victory must go to the seventeen donkeys that lined up in a Bolton shirt that day. There is nothing to suggest that he would bring anything to the Bolton party, so best left alone in my opinion. He will, naturally, now be apppointed.

Rumour and counter rumour is rife. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer pulled out of a speaking engagement in London because he was ill in Norway, despite being seen in the UK on Monday, like there is only one direct flight between Heathrow and Oslo per week. Big Phil was known to be in London this week with his list so people have put two and two together and come up with any number you want that isn’t four. Personally, if he is throwing a sickie to meet Gartside, then he obviously isn’t trustworthy, so forget him. Those people who have said that the fact that football in Norway doesn’t exactly pull up trees when it comes to continental football have a point, but he still seems to me to be a better bet than any other of the names linked with the job. Unless you include Billy Davies.

Di Canio has said that he is flattered to be mentioned in dispatches, before saying that no one has been in contact. And you would expect the phone in the manager’s office at Swindon to remain unrung from any number beginning 01204. I’m not saying that there is any difference between Di Canio’s credentials and Solskjaer’s, but there is just something so inherently unlikable about the Italian and likeable about the Norweigan. As I said yesterday, someone someday will take a punt on the former, but I just don’t expect it to be Bolton. Naturally, I have no basis for this assumption, only the fact that whenever I think of him sitting in the right hand dugout at T’Reebok, I get a shiver down my spine. And I only get bad shivers down my spine. Like Spiderman.

So, it’s still the baby faced assassin for me. You’ll probably have your own view. But, whatever the view, we are now three days into the process. The last two managers have been appointed eight days after the previous incumbent were fired. So, on that basis, what are you doing next Wednesday?

Right, I’m off for a 3:30am lunch. I’ll see if I can raise Al from the dead and will see you after the weekend.


15 Replies to “Bolton Wanderers: Names Come. Names Go.”

  • Let?s not forget there is another job going 15 miles away, so when managers are seen going or not going places, it?s not necessarily us they are going or not going too. I?m beginning to think I?m the only one who doesn?t want McCarty, his track record is good yes with promotion, though while in the prem it?s not so much…. and as for Solskjaer well he’s a red, am I old fashioned???

  • Interesting that Gartside has already said he is not using Mark Curtis. If he uses advisors and has in depth interviews with three or more potential managers I will be reasonably satisfied. But will the truth ever come out, knowing how secretive and evasive our Chairman is? I just hope the Club take their time and get the best person available. If Gartside fails his time, the board surely will have no choice but to remove him. Solskjaer would have seen the best coaching practices in action for many years and I think it is all relative and doesn’t matter what league they come from as long as they have been SUCCESSFUL. Coyle deserved to go, as after the injuries and the total humiliation at Wembley he was a failure.

  • Previous to the last 18 months was Coyle not deemed to be SUCCESSFUL? Like Solskjaer and some of the other relatively young managers in the runnings who have had some success in their short careers to date ‘Beginners luck’ must be considered. Coyle came unstuck with his poor transfer choices and tactical naivety. These skills can only be developed with experience. I am still hopeful that someone like Alan Curbishley could be tempted.

  • Speculating who is under consideration is no different to speculating who will score the first goal in a game, though with the latter you can narrow the options down to 10, albeit the full backs or even an own goal can throw up the least expected result . I assume Gartside could be in London on FA business. Changing the subject to democractic principles, would there be any merit for a club to give its supporters a vote to cast their view on who they would like to see as manager ?, it would help to garnish opinion and pro actively give supporters a voice in the decisions taken by the club. I appreciate the viability of any voting system needs to be worked out in advance, in these circumstances you may have supporter representatives sitting on a panel with the chairman to review the options. Currently the supporters have no equity or true control, yet they are the lifeblood and heartbeat of the club, it seems wrong that our voices are resigned to nothing more than lip service when in reality the club itself would not exist without us. I understand Barcelona integrates its supporters to the club organisation, maybe at this moment BWFC should take stock and reflect on this.

  • It would be fantastic if we as fans could collectively vote towards the appointment of a new manager. Surely 25,000 brains are better than Gartside, Davies and a handful of advisers. I reckon Eddie Davies’s vote is the actual decider though given he has £100M invested in the club

  • It would be fantastic if we as fans could collectively vote towards the appointment of a new manager. Surely 25,000 brains are better than Gartside, Davies and a handful of advisers. I reckon Eddie Davies’s vote is the actual decider though given he has £100M invested in the club

  • Its all very well saying Gartside failed with the last 3 but there weren’t many people criticizing him when he signed Coyle. He went and got the man that the fans wanted so we are partly responsible. Whilst it is true that it didnt work out, it was also reasonable to give Coyle a chance in the Championship with his squad and after his previous success in the division with Burnley. Look how awful they were after he left to see the difference he made there. Sammy Lee was a respected coach with England and Liverpool and did well as assistant manager when Brown left and Garty had promised him the job if BSA ever left. His biggest mistake was listening to Mark Curtis when he signed Megson. Would Meggo have got the job without his own agent being involved in the hiring process? Presumably this is why Curtis isn’t involved this time.

  • It would be fantastic if we as fans could collectively vote towards the appointment of a new manager. Surely 25,000 brains are better than Gartside, Davies and a handful of advisers. I reckon Eddie Davies’s vote is the actual decider though given he has £100M invested in the club

  • But I still say Campo for manager. He encapsulated more desire in one 140-character tweet than we have seen at the Reebok for several seasons now.

  • Obviously, this is only my opinion :
    Coyle clearly had a certain degree of capability : he took Burnley through to promotion, his first season with us was awesome. There was ALWAYS a doubt over the defensive side of his management – You only needed to look at Burnley to understand this.

    However, he truly fell down when things started to go wrong on MORE than one front, and was incapable of turning the situation around through the right on field tactics, player selection, transfers and even in the end, motivation. With this in mind, I would prefer to see someone come in who has a proven track record of managing in tough circumstances, and who is not scared of making the tough decisions to motivate an under performing side. Frankly, I don’t know enough about the managers to know who this is.

  • The rumours were right, Burnley have lost their manager. Check out their current poll on next manager for a chuckle

  • After all the comments from Turfmanphil on here since we took OC, he’s one of the 50% of Burnley fans who’d have him back in a heartbeat, as long as he says sorry while kicking his feet and staring at the floor. Oh, and blaming it all on Slimy Phil…

  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has ruled himself out of the running for the vacant managerial role at Bolton Wanderers, saying: “It’s not for me.”

    The former Manchester United striker, who is currently in charge of Norwegian champions Molde, has been repeatedly linked with the job at the Reebok Stadium following Owen Coyle’s dismissal last week.

    However, the 39-year-old says he has no plans to leave Molde before the end of the season, although there is just over a month to go.

    “There will always be speculation when someone in England needs a new manager,” he told Norwegian newspaper Romsdals Budstikke.

    “There are surely 20 names who have been linked with Bolton now and it’s natural that mine is among them. But it’s not for me.

    “Blackburn, Bolton, rumours crop up all the time. But I’m not that bothered about them. I’m absolutely certain I will see out the season here (with Molde), I can promise that.”

    Solskjaer had already turned down an approach from Aston Villa earlier this year after holding talks with the Midlands club, while he has also been named as a potential successor to Steve Kean at Blackburn.

    OH DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No one from Old Trafford, ever, McCarthy’s already failed with a struggling club, Appleton is only mentioned because he’ll be out of a job soon, Di Canio is mad, not necessarily a bad thing and politically he’d probably get on with someone like Gartside. Bored now, give Peter Reid a go.

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