Date: 13th September 2012 at 12:31pm
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Damn you. Damn you all to hell.

Oh, it’s been a funny old week.

I was going to do an article about being offered out on Twitter by a member of another Bolton site due to me not agreeing with some of their members views on the Hillsborough Report. Or that me tweeting Phil Gartside and asking him to condemn said sites views would, as the same person said, potentially damage the club, although surely it would be their outdated and ill thought out views that did that. But, as I have said in the past, everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how reprehensible. And it is my right to bring that opinion to a wider audience. If they don’t like that, maybe they shouldn’t have aired the views that they hold in the first place. It’s all a bit of a paradox.

But, this is a Bolton site, not a site to write a social commentary on the Hillsborough Disaster. So, let’s crack on with whatever has been happening this week at T’Reebok in a section we like to call let’s do one of those round up things again.


On Monday, Fab was at Downing Street to hand in a 100,000 signature petition that life saving skills should be taught in schools on behalf of the British Heart Foundation. On this site, we’ve been not having a go as such, but have noticed that Fab has been spending a lot of time doing the celebrity circuit and it is good to see that he has finally done something in public that shows support for the services that saved his life. I don’t know if he has been doing anything behind the scenes, you would hope he has. But as a man whose face was seen around the world after his collapse, he could do a lot of good by being at the forefront of any campaign for heart research. Hopefully, this will only be the beginning.


After just twelve days at Carlisle United, Michael O’Halloran decided to but his month and a bit loan short and returned to T’Reebok. He came on as a second half substitute in his first game with them but then sat on the bench for the next two. As a player who played in the League One Play Off final last season, you can imagine that this was a bit of a come down. He would have gone for some first team action, not to be sitting twiddling his thumbs, so it is probably best for him that he returned. After all, it’s not like we have enough strikers. (Looks at strikers list and shakes his head)


Ow!!! That was my initial reaction after my head hit the desk when I read this. I think I must have started to suffer from bleedingobviousnarcolepsy. All I can do is repeat what I said on Tuesday. And then duck.


Various names have been given as possibilities to come to T’Reebok on loan, but the two most persistent have been Oriol Romeu from Chelsea and Jermaine Jenas from Spurs. Both, you will notice, midfielders, although the Chelsea man can also play in defence. Which, given the current defence, is handy as soon there will be enough midfielders to travel on their own coach to games.

I remember a time, a long time ago, when Bolton fans would look at the paper every time an England squad was mentioned and, on seeing the name Jenas, would suggest that the only reason that he was selected was due to him playing for Spurs. We would, naturally, have preferred Nolan to have played. Jenas needs to gain fitness and, at times, is a useful player. But he has hardly played over the last year and would be a risk in anyone’s language. As for Romeu, he may be an idea, but only for a defence that is as slack as a teenagers pants. We only have three central defenders, and two of them need waking up. A fourth one wouldn’t hurt.

Right, I’m off to hide in a dark hole so that those nasty men can’t find me and call me names again. We will return tomorrow with a Watford preview.


3 Replies to “Bolton Wanderers: Nasty Men”

  • not sure about the desire London based premiership squad players will have to come to an old north west mill town with a football team currently entrapped in a dreary and depressing state,however, the arrival of any quality player will be warmly received. Any chance of finding a quality manager while they are at it ? I should take this opportunity to express my respect for the families and victims from the Hillsborough Disaster, the criminal cupability of the police force is a worrying sign, particularly given rouge elements existed at the very top of the force, from Chief Constable downwards, a bad copper on the beat is one thing, corrupt leadership is entirely another matter

  • Jenas and the other lad have to be much better than the average, we have witnessed before how the inclusion of one player can change our fortunes on the pitch, Wiltshire, etc. lady luck might shine on us for a change, albeit I would like to see the entire dynamics of our team play strengthened and improved. Spearing may give us the spark in midfield that has been lacking he appears to have the energy and drive needed for that role, he does need others in support to avoid his efforts being rendered futile, which smacks at our repeated failure and inability to coherently link play together sucessfully, we have to create a purpose and an end result in our play or the goals needed to win games will simply not materialise. Watford on paper should offer us victory, the litmus test will be how convincing our performance actually is, the 2 week break has certainly provided opportunity to prepare and regroup for the 3 games ahead, lets see if the team can deliver, seasoned pundits will tell us the only way confidence can grow is by going out there and winning games – blindingly obvious logic.

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