Date: 28th August 2013 at 12:06pm
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When do we start to worry? Should we always look for the positives? Or should we just be grateful for what we have?

As you know, I recently experienced an awakening of sorts. The Matrix was revealed to me- by adlington2- and I saw Bolton Wanderers in their binary form. It wasn`t scary or disappointing; on the contrary, it was enlightening. I don`t feel I have to stick up for inept performances anymore. I watch the football first and observe the Wanderers second. Only this way can I sleep at night, eat properly and get on with my daily amenities without everything ‘BWFC` disrupting every waking moment. A win (not experienced yet) won`t be overly celebrated, just as a solitary defeat doesn`t mean impending doom Like Adlington2 said, there will be another game of football the following Saturday, win lose or draw and that makes me happy.

Yesterday`s result, however, has left me confused. I don`t know what to make of it. In my mind it`s like I have two metaphorical categories of ‘pros` and ‘cons`. Normally, after a Bolton game, the pros are filled up or the cons are filled. Even after a draw, there is either more to be optimistic about or more to be disappointed with, in the corresponding category sections. Last night`s game, even though we lost, there seems to be a split decision? In my head, I mean.

Yes we lost. The headlines have confirmed Bolton are out of the League Cup. 1-1 after 120mins coupled with a 4-2 penalty defeat left the Whites crashed out. But within the 120 minute period, we scored 4 goals, didn`t we? We had the ball in the net- the only thing that matters- 4 times. The officials didn`t allow 3 of the goals, but how is that our fault? Tom Eaves scored a hat-trick! Would we still be in disarray had the homer-linesman allowed Eaves his goals, or would we have found the answer to our goal-scoring problems? Would we have given Beckford- who also scored his first- added competition and incentive to perform? OK, the performance wasn`t great, but like our Aussie friend says, it isn`t performances that win games, it`s goals and last night we got them goals, didn`t we? Even the Tranmere commentator was questioning why the ‘goals` weren`t given.

Maybe I should have watched the highlights before writing this piece?

I can feel your finger waiting to comment to slate me and bring me back to earth. Believe me, it will be welcomed. The last thing I need at the moment is to live through another false-dawn of optimism.

Just one point before I leave you to it. The spiel given to us that Andre Moritz isn`t fit enough, what do you make of that? Notice how I`m asking you questions? My brain is truly frazzled. Here`s what I think?
When Moritz entered the game last night, there was a marked improvement in our play. He bridged the gap between midfield and attack, providing service to strikers and wingers. When Moritz was fielded, chances were created; simple. But we`re told he`s not fit. Bringing Moritz on for the last 30 minutes to chase the game seems counter-effective on where Bolton are at the moment. If he can only manage 30-or-so minutes, why not start Moritz, try get that 1 or 2 goal lead, get the fans pumped, then at half-time, he gets a 15 minute rest. Send him back out and see how he`s doing. If he`s struggling, bring him off and put a defensive-midfielder to protect our lead without completely shutting-up- shop with another defender. He doesn`t have to over exert himself, he`s the link-up player. Let Medo and Spearing do all the dirty work, the strikers and wingers all the runs and just let Moritz join the dots, no?

Just tell me what you think. It`s another lie-down for me I`m afraid.


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