Date: 9th April 2013 at 10:09pm
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The article that technology didn’t want us to publish!!

Evening all. Here`s a guest article from Barney. The strange thing is about this article is how technology transpired against me and Barney getting this published. Long story, but it`s here. Enjoy?

They say there`s a fine dividing line between success and failure. Maybe they have a point. But perhaps it`s more down to attitude, hard work and not a little luck… a little kidology. Whatever! Our new management team, appears to have finally made a difference at the Reebok. But how? And will it be enough?

I feel sure the players are fitter now, than under the previous regime; more clued-up and have gained confidence during Dougie`s tenure. But what fascinates me, are the comments coming from our manager after each game, win, lose or draw.

It`s a long time since I was employed, but I distinctly remember attending courses, where we were constantly put outside our ‘comfort zones`, told where we were going wrong and how new ideas would propel us to greater success. And I suppose, kidology played its part as well. What was also noticeable, were the ‘buzz words` being banded about to achieve this, usually by some twenty-somethings, who were still wet behind the ears!

Then, lo and behold, Bolton appoint a new, ebullient young manager, and immediately we hear the sound-bites and jargon, starting to flow. Let`s remember, soccer is a simple game, or so we`re always led to believe! But I suppose nowadays, it`s all part and parcel!

Let`s face it, the management team haven`t quite re-invented the wheel! But we are constantly told, the players are now ‘buying into what we are doing`! It all sounds so enigmatic, yet innovative. Not to mention secretive! In fact, it`s got so bad, that new signings have to wait for their debuts, until they are conversant with it all! Of course, it can also be expedient, and new-comers thrown in at the deep end, as we saw with Butterfield for Ricketts at Charlton!

One can almost visualise a cartoon image of the players, sitting in rows wearing head-phones, studying videos, whilst being ‘brain-washed` into the new method! It would appear that the ‘simple game` has now gone out the door. Particularly, when it apparently takes our seasoned professionals, so long to grasp it! Kidology seems to have taken root!

Having said that, there`s a lot about Freedman I admire. I think he`s a young man who will go far. Let`s hope he takes us with him. But I do wish he would cut out the ‘spin` sometimes! We want to hear the truth on more occasions and particularly, when the team does badly. After all, we`re all grown up!

For example, how can he possibly say after the Charlton game, that Bolton`s performance showed we can get into the play-offs!….They threw away a two-goal lead; conceded three; got five yellow cards and had two sent off! That`s a recipe for disaster, as far as I`m concerned, not promotion! How dare he insult our intelligence thus!

But my favourite attempt at brazen kidology, came after the recent Brighton game, when we were under the cosh, for large periods of the game. What did Dougie come up with afterwards to put our minds at rest?……He said, `No problem, we dominated the game without possession!` And perhaps because we had won, it was accepted in some quarters, as gospel. The messiah had spoken!

Forgive me, but I have been watching, playing and talking football since ‘the mid-fifties`, along with countless others, but I have never heard the like! How the hell can you dominate a game without the ball! You can only defend with your life, without the ball. And that`s exactly what we did…..However, I have noticed recently, one or two ‘journalistic disciples`, singing from the same hymn sheet. We should beware the fable of the ‘King`s clothes`. But this time it`s King Dougie who`s naked!

This forum has argued repeatedly, that fans want attacking football. It can after all, be the best form of defence. I am tired of seeing the team dominate for fifteen minutes, home and away, and then go into their shell…. scoring a goal and then hanging on for dear life. Or, as we witnessed at Charlton, occasionally collapsing. Surely, the manager has the wit to sort it out!

Last week, Harry Redknapp suggested that top teams like Barca, are successful because they concentrate, apply themselves and work harder! He`s right! You don`t have to put any spin on that! It`s the good old-fashioned truth! And if we don`t address this problem immediately, and also find some leaders on the pitch, I fear a ‘top-six` spot, is a step too far. And all the kidology in the world, won`t change that!

PS….Because of ‘technical problems`, my article wasn`t published last weekend and so one or two comments, may now seem a bit out of date. I must say that Saturday`s performance against Wolves, was in my opinion the best display of fluent, attacking football, I have seen all season. And Medo ran the show. What a player he`s going to be! For me, that display would have flummoxed nearly all the teams in the Championship. Well done to the management team and all the lads!


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