Date: 3rd September 2013 at 4:43pm
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The name of the article will become evident as you read, but it is also in homage to my favourite writer, Raymond Carver. Anyway, my feelings after yesterday, enjoy

The term ‘how the mighty have fallen` doesn`t really apply to Bolton Wanderers. At the pomp of our Premiership tenure, we were never a mighty team. We were a modest sized fish swimming in an illustrious pond, filled with other fish? Some of whom were twice our size.

Since the departure of Big Sam, our decline has been steady yet significant. Although disappointing (some may say devastating) for the fans, the plight Wanderers find themselves currently- since the expulsion from the Premier League- is not an exclusive one. Overspending, mismanagement, and ambitions-beyond-means have claimed the statuses` of several clubs, some bigger than Bolton Wanderers.

Although the decline and financial squeeze has never once been hidden from supporters, the full extent of the Whites` predicament hit-home completely yesterday as I watched the Transfer Window tick down.

I wasn`t watching for players signing for my beloved club, I was waiting for the departures.

After the most embarrassing defeat in recent memory- considering opposition and circumstance- the fans were promised change. The 4-1 loss to Blackburn Rovers was the final straw. We were promised change- not promised success, not promised signings, not promised a turn-around in performance- we were promised change and to be honest, that was good enough for me.

Although a lot of fans may disagree, Dougie has been backed this summer to recruit. Cold-hard transfer fees may not have been abundant but we have ‘strengthened` the squad this off-season. Tierney, Baptiste, Beckford, Hall, Spearing and Moritz were recruited for the first-team and White, Wilkinson and Fraser were brought in for future seasons. So recruitment wasn`t what I was anticipating yesterday, I wanted the ‘change` we were promised.

It doesn`t matter who you bring into this team, with the current crop of failures still residing key positions, they are still going to struggle. You can bring Gareth Bale into our starting 11, but with Zat Knight, Tyrone Mears and David Wheater in defence, would Bale stop the goals going in our net? Of course not. There may be an upturn in the goals-scored/goals-created tallies, but how long would it take to demoralise Gareth from even bothering, after going one-up only to quickly concede again? We`d soon be back to not scoring and conceding at the same rate, with Bale being booed for his dip in form.

That`s why I was excited at the promised ‘change` on its way. Just like a player coming back from injury is like ‘a new signing`, removing the rotting apples from the fruit basket should at least bring a renewed freshness to a demoralised team and renewed vigour to a lack-lustre fan-base.

Did we get change? Did we eckerslike!

Not only did we not cut the dead-wood from the team, we didn`t even chop off enough for kindling. Instead of releasing enough wood to make a state bonfire- after all the noise after the Blackburn fiasco- we only got out the sand-paper.

Although many fans were equating the demise of Bolton Wanderers with the signings we couldn`t push through- Ramage to Barnsley and Kightly to Burnley-, I saw it from the another angle.

The dead-wood that we failed to shift has now got woodworm and the rot is filtering through to the other players in the team. If we don`t shift the lumber in the upcoming loan window, the possibility of the whole team becoming firewood looms ever larger.



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  • Completely agree, followed deadline day on the Bolton News website and it was all about the departures, the quicker we can get rid of some of the current squad the better. Hopefully when the loan window opens there’ll be some enquiries, otherwise it’ll be very difficult to get people like Dawson in.

    Do people think that Ramage and Kightly would have significantly strengthened the team though?

  • Am glad in a way we didnt sign anyone plus hoo would whant come anyway knowing knights at the helm waiting to steer there carreer hes enough put anyone of signing an a think the rest of the team are proble draging there feet a bit knowing what ever they do him or one of his 2 buddys al cock it up anyway an to feel like they proble do about him an ave to have the clueless tit as your captain can only be a complet downer

  • problems at the club seem more deep rooted than those affecting the team, as previously suggested its not unusual to see individual players have an off day or bad run of form, when the whole team suffers the indication is the real problem lies beyond the pitch. It could be team management it may be the senior executives running the club or a combination. For the fans we only ever see the 90 minutes out on the pitch and for most supporters that is all that truly matters, who cares whatever else takes place, in fact most of us assume those steering the ship are doing the best they can with honourable intentions and fine business skills to boot. I have never been that generous in my trust, trust is something that should be earned, demonstrated by actions and deed. All I have witnessed over recent years is the systematic exploitation of a once generous cash cow, the right overtures are spoken and written to the public audiences while behind the scenes money has been poured out of the club faster than it has ever come in. Not one person reading this will want to hear me mention club finances, as popular as the black death, but it sits at the root of all the clubs troubles . It is our iceberg and like the Titanic it will sink us, don’t ever think ED is the benevolent saviour PG makes him out to be, the club is a nice earner for him, after piling circa £135 million of debt onto the club, he draws 5% interest every year, though I suspect he borrows at rates around 2.5%, meanwhile his mate PG is listed as a director with around 13 separate limited companies all subsidiaries of BWFC, why should our club have all these companies under its belt if not to benefit the directors, that’s the beauty of passing control to accountants, they weave a network of interests allowing figures to be floated around at whim – now you see it now you don’t – do any of us understand exactly what has taken place ? not really, did it ever matter how badly things were being run when we were in the premiership – not really, money wasted one year was covered by the Sky money due the next and so it went on. Even when OC soured the team and team quality plummeted I don’t think PG ever considered the gravy train would crash and come off the rails exposing past failings for all to see.

  • The players we wanted out were available for loan and still are. How can we blame any other teams for not wanting them if their scouts have seen what we have seen? On another subject Moritz very impressive at the supporters meeting last night. Answered all questions very honestly and without any bs. He has had a calf problem since after his first game and hence could not train 100% until the problem was fixed. He is now fine – attested to by the sports rehabilitator Dave Dean – and said he will be 100% fit by the Leeds game. He has been in for training every day , even on days off. A very dedicated and intelligent young man, we are very lucky to have him. He exemplifies what DF has been saying about recruiting “his” type of players whose motive for joining is to help the Club go forward.

  • I hope this isn’t a recurrence of the 2010/11 season of calf injuries that Moritz had. He got an ankle injury last year but was fit for the rest of the season – let’s hope this is his only blip this season. God only knows we need him in the team.

  • I would say that Moritz is the best, thinking footballer that we have and would make a great, intelligent Captain. He has a real footballing brain and speaks very good English too.

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