Date: 20th January 2014 at 7:36pm
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Just my view on the Danny Graham rumours

Bolton Wanderers are reportedly hoping to sign striker, Danny Graham on loan after Cardiff City slapped a £2 million price-tag on young, Joe Mason.

The cash-strapped Wanderers- who have scored in each of their last 9 games in all competitions but have conceded 15 goals in the last 4 league outings- believe it’s the forward line which holds priority and needs a boost.

If speculation is to be believed,Dougie wants to chuck a sizeable quantity of what little funds the Whites have on a striker low on confidence who’s scored just once in the last 30 games.

Graham did have some joy in the Championship with Watford. In the 2010/11 campaign, Danny popped in 24 goals for the season, but since, goals have been hard to come by.

I don’t really want to get too bogged down with stats and passed seasons. This is the here and now, and Bolton Wanderers are a mess. The recruitment of Graham- if successful- may turn out to be a masterstroke, pumping up both team and fans alike. But what I’ve seen of this current crock of ‘footballers’, defence is priority.

I honestly believe, if we can sure up at the back- and by sure up the back, I mean not only reduce goals conceded, but breed confidence in the rest of the team to go play rather than constantly looking over their shoulders or doing 2-or-3 different players’ jobs- I think the goals will take care of themselves.

An idealistic perspective? Of course. But I’d rather recruit two full-backs on loan for £7,500 a week rather than one Danny Graham taking up £15,000 a week- or whatever he would cost.

Again, just my view. Please, give me yours…


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  • Totally agree. We’ve just conceded 7 (seven!) and the first news we hear is signing a journeyman striker who’s already out on loan. Must have been a very productive meeting yesterday…” so then Mr Doog, number 1 – we need a striker…ok right then sorted, meeting over lets go for our Sunday roast. ”
    For me If he doesn’t sign 2 defenders asap nothing has been learned!

  • Clueless if it is true. He’s had 60 games to sort the defence and failed. He’s added everything but to the squad other than Baptiste and played him out of position for the most part. Also Ream is no RB. I’m exhausted by his ridiculous management of the club but then what do I know? I’ve clearly not been listening to my “education” classes nor am I a “footballing” person. Until he goes we will lurch along win/lose/lose/draw/draw/lose/lose/lose/win/draw etc etc etc

  • Until that is the sequence of results leads to Div 1. We do I’m afraid have a look of Wolves last season……………..God Forbid.

  • Graham not likely to come as Forest are after him – they have the money. Laste Dumbaxe Spurs midfielder has signed on loan. Yes yet another midfielder.

  • I just don’t understand how anyone is happy with the manager. I agree the players are not pulling their weight. I know there is no money. However DF knew there was no money when he came and that the players were contracted to the club. Maybe he didn’t know he would struggle so much to get the players to play for him. But just look at the situation we are in. If we were mid table and he was getting any kind of performance from the team I could see a possible future and that there was a plan. However we are in relegation form and getting worse. The players are without doubt better than the standard we are seeing. The signing of an average striker when clearly we need a defender as we don’t have one decent one if a seven goal drubbing is anything to go by. It just beggars belief.

  • Everyone knows we need a defender!!!! Do people really think he hasnt been trying??? We are down to one fit striker and people are moaning about us trying for a proven Championship striker? DF has never moaned about having no money, he was happy to come in and wheel and deal, its just that no other club wants to wheel so that we can deal! LB is the hardest position to fill with a good player, especially on loan…….Nathans Phase – who do you think could come in to fix the mess? Someone who wouldnt want to bring anyone in so that they had to spend money?? Someone who in a years time you will be back on here calling for the head of??

  • Does Moonpig have a point, okay we have a dreadfully poor manager who would struggle organising the contents of his fridge let alone our team, who is taking us perilously close to the abyss. Why should we replace him for someone better, what would we hope to achieve if a new guy suddenly inspired the players to perform out of their skin on a regular basis or transformed the team into one superior to its opponents, winning games with aplomb. How would that be better than what DF is achieving and has anyone considered the tragedy that would befall us if PG failed to strike up a friendly and likable relationship with a new guy at the helm, maybe we should pause and consider our priorities as loyal supporters, are we here for the team, or DF and PG, make your minds up.

  • Deluded people thinking that after 4 years on a downward spiral and managerial ins and outs that the next man who comes in will turn things around in a heart beat, even if he does then if it isnt continued the following season then he will be in the stocks a year later, deja vu? groundhog day? call it what you want. The attitude of many Bolton fans is so short term. If we have to take a few backward or sideward steps to move forward again and for the manager to build his own team and provide stability for the club then so be it. I am far from happy about the situation we are in but people need to realise how hard this job is and that very few people would be willing to work under the circumstances that DF is yet he is getting on with things and trying to work to improve it.

  • Gav – “The players are without doubt better than the standard we are seeing” – in that case, why has nobody come in with a bid for any of them? Rumours of free transfers fly around about the likes of N’Gog and Sordell and they never come to fruition, never more than a rumour. Heavily subsidised loan deals for Mears consistently fail. And repeated poor performances for the best part of three full years, regardless of who the boss is, surely tell you that whatever talent the players OC signed and paid all that money to is long since gone. They really are terrible and we just have to wait until all their contracts are up next – not this – summer. Until then, the same players will be putting in the same rubbish performances for us week in, week out, unless we get another Dawson-esque signing very very quickly.

  • with the greatest respect Moonpig, are you seriously suggesting there are no better managers out there, that no one else could improve on what we are witnessing under DF ? Our opinion has nothing to do with either short or long term views, if anyone is deluded I am sorry to say it appears to be you. Would you defend the captain of the Condordia for sinking his ship by claiming he had a hard job to do or would you accept he was blatantly inept by sailing it onto the rocks. If you hadn’t noticed we are heading along the same path. I don’t apologise for wanting a better manager in charge, if DF was a chef he would be sacked for serving up food not fit to eat, the parallels are strangely similar.

  • Better managers out of work? Better managers who would want to come? Better managers who would leave their clubs to come to us? Better managers who we would pay compensation to take? You always always always compare the situation at BWFC to a situation that bears no resemblance to our football club. You have made two in your last post. If DF was this, If DF was that….yawn. You have to look at the bigger picture. To use one of your own analogies-if someone put 50 pairs of shoes in front of you and said you needed to tie all of their laces but you can only use one hand, is similar to what DF is doing…there are probably people who can do it but they are likely to be Dynamo, David Blaine and Derren Brown so if any of those are available then i will take them.

  • In addition to all that – even if DF was sacked today, it would take probably a week to get his replacement sorted, unless it was given to the next best thing since sliced bread and Andy Lonergan, Jimmy Phillips, it will leave only a few days of the transfer window remaining – no sign of players moving out and no money to bring anyone in. Same underachieving squad, no LB, no firepower, no creativity…unless it is Dynamo!

  • OK I give up DF is doing a great job. In fact we should be most concerned that a Premier league team don’t try and snatch him such is the success he has made at Bolton. 18th and four points above the relegation places is fabulous considering the only players worthy of the name are the ones he has signed. Yes you are right rob all the players are rubbish and once they finally leave us I am sure we will at best see them in the amateur leagues.That will be why nobody else has come in for them as those teams can’t afford their £20-30k a week wages. So come on DF keep up the good work.

  • He cannot just drop them he is forced to play them as we have no one else to play with unless we pull a MAN UTD circa 1999 or a villa of last season with kids but maybe it is time to put the kids on the pitch against QPR hope he does coz his time is running out.

  • If the club had money I think DF would have been sacked by now. However they can’t afford to sack him (and his backroom staff!). It’s cost too much re Megson & Coyle and can’t do it again now. So unfortunately it’s not working out again but this time we’re forced to stick it out. This is why we are in a *****ty place right now, 3 to 4 managers on from big Sam and we’re still going backwards!
    We need DF to learn faster, use the shock of the Reading game to work for us and not against us and get these players performing.
    If he can’t do it DF, Phil & Eddie are at the Russian Roulette table!

  • Calm down, calm down everybody! These are indeed dark days and the forward momentum we’d established last season has been comprehensively reversed culminating in Saturday’s shambles. However I think that those who believe in Dougie should not worry as I am certain we won’t get rid, for one because of the pay off that would be needed and also because Gartside will not want to be seen to be being driven by public opinion, nor to admit that his choice of manager was wrong. The players certainly cannot escape criticism after that performance, and indeed for many and various lapses over this season and before. But we should remember that they have also shown that they can put in impressive performances, and the run to the edge of the play offs last season showed that they could do that over a relatively extended period. So I don’t accept that they are just blanket not good enough and I don’t think the argument that it’s all down to them once they cross the line holds up either. True to an extent but managers and coaches can influence and change that, indeed that is what they are for. To motivate, encourage, chastise and coach these talented individuals to work as a unit, and indeed to instil the pride and will to win that is needed to stop heads going down at the first setback. The evidence of Dougie’s regime suggests that his ability to do this is as on/off and unreliable as he says of his players performances. Also, in defence of the squad’s ability I would suggest that a lot of the poor performances come from bad managerial decisions in terms of team selection, line up and substitutions. I think DFs rotation has not helped either morale or the team settling into a rhythm and since we are blaming Coyle for all this, even going back to his time I would argue the reason we got relegated in the first place was more to do with Coyle’s set up for games and tactical decisions during them than bad performances from players. Eg we wouldn’t have conceded two goals against West Brom in the penultimate game of that season and therefore not been relegated had Coyle not disrupted a solid looking line up with late substitutions. Yes I would like a better squad and think some of the signings, and contract renewals have been dodgy but at the end of the day I think a lot of managers would have got more out of these players than Dougie. I hope he steps up to the plate and proves me wrong. I think the signing of Dawson last season and the impact that made was frankly a happy accident, but Dougie’s going nowhere so I hope he stumbles across some similarly impactful solution very quickly before we end up in Division 1.

  • As to Danny Graham, I am ambivalent. If he hasn’t been playing and has scored once in 30 games I would guess Dougie wouldn’t play him anyway for a month, then have him in and out as a sub and he’d struggle to gel and eventually get a goal or two right towards the end of the season.

  • But look at the minimally paid loan signings who come in – Danns and Feeney spring to mind immediately – who make our expensive players look like lazy amateurs? How do you explain that away? Why is it that all the players who don’t play for us play so much better when we borrow them than the ones that do, even though you could pick some of them up at a car boot sale?

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