Date: 27th September 2014 at 6:21pm
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I propose a model, looking at the relationship between our manager and supporters.

So, we’ve seen some pretty terrible things as Bolton fans recently. It seems, at this point, that no one has faith in Dougie Freedman.

I’ve decided to create a model on looking at how confidence has declined during his tenure. This model is unique to Dougie Freedman and Bolton Wanderers fans. Though, some club’s managers could experience similar patterns but would have probably sacked their manager earlier. So here is the model:

Stage 1: Surprise- DF was somewhat of a surprise candidate, given his lack of experience and Crystal Palace’s position in the table.

Stage 2: Continued Slumber- The manager is not showing any signs of improvement. Fans question his appointment.

Stage 3: Rejuvenation- A few new signings almost find ourselves in the play-offs. Faith is restored.

Stage 4: Return to Slumber- More losses wipe away all confidence from a strong end to the prior season.

Stage 5: Frustration: Fans dislike what they see from their club and seriously question the manager’s ability to turn things around.

Stage 6: Partial Rejuvenation- New signings push Bolton slightly up the league, but still remain in the bottom half of the table.

Stage 7: Return to Slumber- Another poor start to a season sees the club in and around the relegation zone.

Stage 8: No Support- The manager has lost almost all of his support from fans who are protesting against him. Manager knows that he could be running out of time and is questioned by the media.

Stage 9: Stagnation- Nothing seems to be changing for the manager, though he remains in job for now.

So that’s about where I think we’re up to now. There are different directions in which we could be headed.

Option 1: Sacked- Too many poor results spanning over a long period find the board answering the fans’ prayers. DF sacked.

Option 2: Rejuvenation- Once again, DF manages to temporarily turn things around and we could find ourselves repeating the pattern again and again and again.

So, there you have it. That’s what I’ve been thinking about. I think that this is as insecure his job has ever been. A lot of people think that Gartside and co. are going to wait until the end of his contract, but we have seen some surprises by them in the past.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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