Date: 27th September 2014 at 7:20am
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A guest post from Boltongav

So, we all know things are pretty awful at the moment, to put it mildly!! However I think it is time that we the SUPPORTERS made a big effort to save OUR club.

We CAN NOT make Eddie Davies do the right thing by moaning and name calling on here or any other forum. We CAN NOT make Phil Gartside sack the manager and Gartside is going nowhere unless ED does. Furthermore it is now nonsensical to sack Dougie Freedman, as much as I and many others would like to see the back of him, as his contract ends in a few months at the end of the season.

If he were sacked we have to pay him and his team off then find someone else. I believe he will go in the summer with no cost to the club. We CAN NOT make the rest of the board who seem to hide behind PG stand up and be counted.

We CAN NOT make DF make good team selections and substitutions as much as we have tried! We CAN NOT make the players play better by booing, telling them they are crap or going quiet at the games.

So what CAN we do………..??

We CAN get back behind OUR club. If you don’t go to the games because things are not going our way, remember WE are Bolton Wanderers, not Davies, not Gartside, not Freedman, not the board not even the players!

Its US that make the club. I and many of you have been Wanderers fans long before any of these people were ever involved and I will be long after they are gone. So get to the ground and get behind the club. If like me you do go, then we CAN make a difference! Get behind the team. Shout! Sing! Enjoy it! Take back what is ours, make OUR players proud to represent US. Make them perform because they don’t want to let US down. WE can be the difference. So bring a friend who hasn’t been for a while and make some bloody noise.

We will not just fade away we are BOLTON WANDERERS!! COYWM.


6 Replies to “Let’s Be Having You”

  • A rallying cry if ever I heard one! The word is ‘Churchillian’! Best piece I’ve read in a long time. Well done, Gav. In our heart of hearts, we know you are right. It makes sense. I wonder if the lads hear that kind of language in the dressing room, because it wouldn’t do them any harm. Get on the loudspeaker this afternoon and raise the mood!

  • I recall Neville Chamberlain waving his bit of paper after signing his treaty with Adolf Hitler, he was deluded also, just like this article and the management at BWFC. Don’t deny the undeniable, if it looks like it and smells like it, it is

  • I don’t think Gav’s suggesting that we appease the management, more like unilateral action by the fans to try and support the team in spite of the owner, chairman and manager. I applaud his sentiments, but unfortunately the players aren’t up to it! Many of them are second-rate, hand-picked by Dougie. As we saw today at the match, some people did take matters into their own hands and shouted and demonstrated for a change of personnel at the top. It’s a long time since we have witnessed scenes like that! I think we will be seeing them as a regular feature from now on, as we sink ignominiously into League one!

  • To be honest Mike I thought you were better than that. Maybe you are one of the people I talk about who ***** and moan constantly at the game whilst never offering any kind of SUPPORT. If you don’t have the ability to understand where I am coming from I am not going to waste any time on you.

  • Boltongav, I respect your views but I don’t have to agree with them. I have travelled the land watching my beloved club for over 30 years and I cheered them on when they played in the old 3rd Division. I have earned the right to be straight and honest, we deserve better than the 3rd rate garbage being served up, don’t ask me to applaud the chef or anyone responsible for the *****e we have become

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