Date: 18th February 2010 at 1:05pm
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Way back in January on Vital Bolton, we wondered if Owen Coyle was the right man to take control at the Reebok.

At the time, Phil Gartside was pursuing the ex-Burnley manager and upsetting the whole of a town that didn`t have much to be cheerful about in the first place. It was pointed out that Coyle had limited experience of Premier League football and was in charge of a side in poor form who were being kept afloat by home results.

Seven league outings into the Coyle reign and it`s time to revisit that view. The record is won 1, drawn 2, lost 4. Defeats against Arsenal and Liverpool can be discounted. The Bolton of 2010 have neither the skill or the backbone to challenge the big boys.

The same might be said of the reverse at Manchester City, but despite all the money spent at Eastlands, City are still decidedly soft-centred – a number of less gifted sides have managed a point there.

So that leaves the games against Wigan, Burnley and Fulham in which a total of one goal has been scored. The counter argument – there were three clean sheets, three more than Gary Megson managed in all of the preceding games, is valid, but they came against sides with as much attacking threat as an Italian tank.

The biggest criticism of Bolton under Megson, is that they were a collection of individuals and not a team. That`s still the case. There is little movement off the ball and even when there is, it`s a rarity to find the player in possession looking up to see where the runners are. Such a shortcoming is bound to result in an outfit that is less than the sum of its parts.

It may be that the Ginger One assembled a squad that`s impossible to meld into an efficient unit. The injuries to Ivan Klasnic and Gary Cahill are significant factors too. As is the poor form of Kevin Davies and Matt Taylor. But the suspicion lingers that Coyle is out of his depth.

His after match remarks don`t inspire confidence either. Megson, for all his faults could accurately pinpoint the problems, even if he was powerless to remedy them. Coyle indulges in a desperate search for positives in the same way that brought Sammy Lee such mockery. Coulda woulda shudda doesn`t bring you victories.

Some might say this judgment is premature. If it were a final verdict, that would be true. But it`s merely a preliminary report. One in which Own Coyle scores a C minus.


14 Replies to “Is Owen Coyle a Horrible Mistake? – Part Two”

  • I reckon it’s too early by about three games to make even a first judgement. And even if it goes badly you have to take into account that this is Megson’s squad. He needs time, we haven’t got it. Hard life being a manager.

  • I can’t believe there is even an issue this early into his career at Bolton. The football is good, clean sheets, players happy, fans happy, picking up points, its all good surely. This is a mind blowing over reaction to some unlucky results against really quiet good teams. Even if we do go down, we would certainly have gone the same way under megson… only with the pain of having seen the fall coming from a mile off.

  • The first thing OC can do to convince us of his worth is to drop Taylor. He’s a shadow of his former self, Gardner, Cohen, Wilshere or even Riga would be a better bet down the left wing at the moment.

  • The football’s good? Are you having a laugh? The games against Fulham, Burnley and Wigan were awful. The Spurs game was better, but Megson’s team played well against them as well.

  • I think it is too early to judge OC at this stage as he is having to make do with the squad that was in place when he arrived. The starting 11 is pretty much the same as it was under Megson so there should be no real surprise that results have not improved significantly. I just have a view that we rode our luck the last 2 seasons and scraped a premier stay and I am not convinced we will escape the drop this time. That said, the blame does not lie at the feet of OC in my opinion.

  • Can`t agree with you on this Richard.Give him a chance.I`d rather be in League 2 with OC than the Premiership with Megson.My first manager was Bill Ridding in the late 50`s so I know what I`m talking about !!

  • Blimy that didn’t take long! roflmao! The Bolton of 2010 have neither the skill or the backbone to challenge the big boys.? So you must be ferked then considering you have yet to play a lot of the big boys in the run in! Oh dear what a shame,never mind! Fear not Coyle is an excellent Championship manager to get you back up, he is just useless in the Prem!

  • The feel good effect of OC does not mean that he is infallible and that some constructive criticisms cannot be made. He picked the same team although the players had a gut busting tie on Sunday. Taylor was playing even though he should be in the reserves. We can’t afford to give Elmander playing time and a dozen missed opportunities before he gets his confidence back and we can’t give 18 year olds runouts just because they are promising for the future. There are 13 games left and the last 8 fixtures do not augur well for us…The judgement may be a bit premature, but after the next five games the honeymoon period may have worn out a bit.

  • 6 points from Wolves & Wigan at home will change the complexity & is achieveable. Blame Gartside for not getting rid of Megson sooner and leaving OC with only 2 weeks of a transfer window to access the club/playing staff/backroom staff. OC’s team would not have drawn 2-2 at home with Hull.

  • Well, well well it didn’t take long for the boo boy(s) to start slagging the new manager. The Man’s been in charge for half a dozen games and already the knives are out. There is a a fresh look about the Whitemen and you only have to look at the Cup game to see how much OC and his back room staff have transformed Bolton from a definite relegation candidate to a team which will, personally just scrape it. If there were a couple of areas we need to improve in the run in is fitness and concentration(and obviously a change to the starting 11, but thats debatable, left side, nudge nudge). And for those who think it was better under Megson, STOP SMOKING CRACK! The next game is pivitol on Sunday and I’ll be there, along with you, singing COYWM.

  • Seems like the Megson era has left some people with an irreversible negative attitude. How on earth can you judge Coyle this early on? Unbelievable.

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