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Keith Hill Wants Time To Arrest Bolton’s Slump


Bolton lost away from home yet again – below are the highlights from last night’s game at Blackpool.

It was a very good strike that saw Blackpool took the lead. Personally, I didn’t go so won’t give an opinion, but some seem to think it was a better away performance than other of late. Having said that, the way Blackpool have fared recently, if we can’t win at Blackpool, where else will we win away? Southend? It was a decent finish from Kean Bryan for the equaliser, but then somehow we let in that second goal just a couple of minutes later, an awful goal to concede, somebody should got their body in the way there.

Keith Hill’s post-match interview with BBC Radio Manchester was an interesting listen. Not necessarily for what he said, although for the first time I’ve heard at least it’s now seemingly about him wanting to carry on, as if there’s some doubt about his future. His emotion was noticeable, he seems to care and that’s not a bad thing, but quite simply we’ve picked up a point per game since late October, and if anything, results and performances have regressed since the turn of the year. To take and twist one of his lines from the other day, it would be nice to see a sparkle. But we’re not getting that now.

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