Date: 7th December 2006 at 4:40pm
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I wouldn’t like to be Alan Pardew. Not in a million years.

Pardew comes across as a reasonable, decent bloke – why he’s in football, then, I’ll never know. I think if I were him, I’d walk now so I could do it wioth some dignity.

First of all, and whether you like it or not, the signing of the two Argentines has been a disaster. They haven’t really shone on the pitch and off the pitch, with the media circus around them, they’ve made the club a bit of a laughing stock. The balance of the side has gone and second season syndrome has set in. I’m guessing that it’s a good job Charlton, Watford and Sheffield United are down there this season.

Secondly, the new owner has not been exactly supportive. Eggert Magnusson is a very wealthy man and is used to getting results. ‘I told Alan: It’s not for me to tell you which players to buy. After all, you will be judged by how the team performs. It’s your throat that is going to be cut, if you don’t produce results in the long run.” Sounds like a nice guy even if he does look like the head vampire from Salem’s Lot!

Lastly, it’s just not going right for him. The game against Wigan was awful from a West Ham point of view. Pardew apologised to the fans, In my book, that’s a sign that things are going down the pan.

Come on, Alan, you’re a nice guy. Get out of there before you lose your dignity.


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