Date: 5th June 2010 at 4:08pm
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It’s a cloudy day here in old London Town and, as per usual, the only news coming out of Bolton is nothing to do with the team. Apparently there is some sort of darts tournament going on.

Now, not being the biggest fan of darts I wasn’t really paying attention to the tournament until I passed by the BWFC Official Site today. And a good job I did otherwise I would have had no idea that Steve Maish was due to play Wes Newton on board three in the fourth round.

Wait though. Hang on. Isn’t this supposed to be a website about Bolton Wanderers? Why are we being told about a darts tournament? Selling tickets for it is one thing, actually giving us a commentary on it is quite another. I don’t see Stretford giving us a ball by ball run down on the Grand Final and the last time I was at Anfield, the Scousers weren’t updating their website about Macca’s concert during the Crapital of Culture year. I know it’s only a small thing, but it is things like this that give people a reason not to take us seriously.

Speaking of which, Mrs X picked up on something someone said on the airwaves in the past couple of days when discussing the World Cup and South Korea. Unfortunately Mrs X cannot remember the person who said it, or in what context or on what station BUT whoever this joker was he (or she) was of the opinion that Lee was too good for Bolton and that after the tournament would move to someone better. Because, you know, we’re Bolton.

When are people going to realise that come the start of the season Bolton will be in their tenth successive season in the Premier League and that we are now the eighth longest serving team in the league. Whoever this person was can you just not give us some slack? They are probably a person so riddled with prejudice they still consider Rosa Parks to be a dangerous revolutionary. Yes, it’s easy to say it on the radio, sunshine. Just come here and say it.

Elsewhere, the New York Daily News takes the proverbial out of Danny Shittu’s name ten years too late. Nice of them to take some sort of notice while filling their faces with burgers whilst watching ten foot tall men throw an oversize ball into a basket. Just concentrate on what you know fellas. I mean, you seem to be under the impression he plays for Bolton.

In the only feasible transfer news of the day, AOB may be on his way to Leeds for £1million. Good move for him, down to a level that he could play well at. Good move for them, decent defender with vast Premier League experience, which is something they haven’t got since they gave Michalik the heave ho at the end of the season.

Right, that’s it. I’m going cloud bathing before the electric light show we’ve been promised tonight starts.


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  • Bolton are not fashionable. You can either fret about it or look at who is . . . united . . . and give thanks we’re not. Journalists/broadcasters will always reach for the nearest cliche because that’s the way they are.

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