Date: 13th November 2008 at 10:55pm
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You wouldn`t think that the stuffed shirts who run the Premier League are intelligent enough to have a sense of humour, but the appointment of Rob Styles to referee Saturday`s match between Bolton and Liverpool suggests otherwise. For those who`ve been taking a mid-season break in a distant galaxy, Styles was the numpty who awarded Manchester United a penalty at Old Trafford after Jlloyd Samuel had dispossessed Christiano Ronaldo with a superbly timed and entirely legal tackle. Styles said he was sorry. So that`s alright then.

Not that the Hampshire official is warmly regarded at Anfield. In August 2007 he gave a penalty to Chelsea after Steve Finnan had looked at Florent Malouda in a funny way. Jamie Carragher was aghast, and not just because some scally had glued his hands to his head at half-time.

Styles apologised then as well, but was dropped for the following weeks fixtures. A shame it couldn`t have been permanent.


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  • If a player (say a defender) makes a calamitous error that leads to a goal for the opposition he is dropped from the team. If he comes back into the side and keeps making mistakes then he is sold or released. Why can’t it be the same for referees? I don’t mean drop them down the leagues either – why should matches between say, Chesterfield and Scunthorpe be punished by having a bad ref? I mean have his professional license revoked until he shows a clear improvement in his work at amateur level. Anyway, looking forward to Saturday. I hope it doesn’t come across as too arrogant when I say I think we’ll win (liverpool fan btw) but I don’t think it’ll be anywhere near as easy as some Reds are thinking.

  • could be a funny one this, depending on which side of the bed mr styles gets out of!
    i’m going with the fact he owes us one big time! and its still fresh in the mind! so beware the liverpool defence!!! no looking at any of our boys with so much as a grimace!!
    then again, ive got my number cards ready for when stevie g approaches our penalty area!

  • How many bookings will Mr S produce on Saturday… I reckon on a ratio of 2:1 in favour of Liverpool and thats 6 Whites booked and only 3 reds. What are the friigin odds,,,,,

  • Mr Styles was nice enough to be consistent in his will to do over the Whites. I think I could have just about taken his disallowing Cahill’s goal if I hadn’t seen the far worse antics which occurred in the six yard box before Sunderland’s first goal against Blackburn this weekend. Booking Nolan for telling him what a complete idiot he is was ridiculous too.

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