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Who’s Comparing Who To Who?


Keith Hill’s post-match comments last night caused a few heads to turn, it’s safe to say. It may have been less of an issue if what he said was as true as what it is.

Firstly, I can’t be bothered too much about something someone wants to say. Maybe it was just something in the heat of the moment, where we’ve all been at some point in our lives.

But it’s hard to point out what Hill was irate about. If someone wants to compare the current situation to something Sam Allardyce did, or expects Hill to replicate what Allardyce did, then they of course do need some sense knocking into them. Nobody I know has said anything nearly close to that.

Nor I have I seen any comparisons to Phil Parkinson. Not negative ones, in fact it’s largely positive that there’s a team that wants to play attacking football again.

There’s some dissent about team selection and signings, but there always will be. Maybe some people thought we could stay up (admittedly I thought we could) – but most sensible people always accepted there was a good chance that we would, or will be playing in League Two next season.

But that doesn’t allow a free pass for poor performances, like against Accrington and Burton. I didn’t go yesterday so won’t comment on the Rochdale game. Ultimately though, given the injuries, and given we had to effectively do a pre-season in September, Hill has done a reasonable, if not infallible job so far.

The main worry is “the staff, the players or the academy” are not on the same page. As much as fans matter, ultimately it’s people within the club who matter in terms of getting things right, hopefully, that was a comment from Hill that’ll work positively if people in the club aren’t on the same wavelength for any reason.

But the past? Most sensible fans understand it’s a different Bolton. The past is the past, but we do want a bright future, and even a half decent present would be nice.

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