Date: 3rd May 2007 at 11:37am
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Speculation linking Sam Allardyce with Manchester City is fading now and it`s not surprising. Whether Allardyce genuinely wants a break or is still ambitious remains to be seen, but if he does return to management, it will be with a big club.

Manchester City are not a big club.

No doubt, we`ll get the usual tearful responses from City fans for that last statement but they needn`t bother. Bolton supporters know that they follow a small club and quite like it that way. Their counterparts at the Council of Manchester Stadium continue to delude themselves.

Manchester City are up to their eyeballs in debt and crowds are falling. They haven`t come close to winning anything for donkey`s years, don`t own their own stadium and have to give part of their gate receipts to the council. And they haven`t scored a goal at home since 1986.

Even Joey Barton admits that he wouldn`t pay to watch his own team. Give that man a cigar, but tell him to be careful what he does with it.

There is one good thing about City. Listening to their fans whining on the GMR phone in after the Blues have slithered to yet another defeat is comedy entertainment at its finest. Give it a try this Saturday.

The club are now desperate for a buyer. Ray Ranson`s bid isn`t looked on kindly but former Thailand prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is still in the hunt. More fool him. He`d be better off buying a more prestigious outfit.

We hear that Accrington Stanley are up for grabs.


4 Replies to “Why Would Big Sam Join City?”

  • One thing’s for sure he won’t be managing Bolton next season. Sammy Lee should have you back playing where you belong. Inspirational choice.

  • Is Sammy Lee the man to fill SA boots? Some coaches do what they do best “coach” when it comes to having the Managers job they dont have it. I would hate to see him struggling as manager he is such a good coach,

  • Maybe the pies taste better in manchester? At least Sammy Lee might get you playing a bit more football.

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