Date: 29th September 2009 at 11:51am
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With the transfer window closed and the next one three months away, you`d hope that speculation regarding player moves would be put on the back burner. Alas it isn`t so, at least when it comes to Bolton`s Gary Cahill. Tottenham Hotspur are the latest club to be linked with the young defender.

It seems inevitable that Cahill will move to a Champions League outfit at some point. That rules out Spurs.

Despite the usual guff from the media claiming that glory days are just around the corner for the boys from White Hart Lane, they are as far away from achieving their goals as ever. Two embarrassing defeats against the Sky Four this season is proof of that.

Since Bolton returned to the Premier League, Spurs have finished 8th, 11th, 5th, 5th, 9th, 14th, 10th and 8th. It`s not a great return given the level of spending. The best they can hope for is a place in the Europa League – a ludicrous competition.

Some might claim that a move to a more fashionable side will improve Cahill`s England chances. There is some truth in that. What else would explain Jermaine Jenas`s continued inclusion in the national squad?

But Cahill doesn`t need a leg up. He`s already on the radar and whilst John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are rightly first choice centre backs, he`s already as good, if not better than the other contenders, especially the ridiculously over rated Matthew Upson. Cahill also has age on his side. His time will come, whatever club he plays for.

When Cahill does leaves, as seems inevitable, he`ll do so with the best wishes of Bolton fans. So far he`s behaved impeccably and signed a new contract in the summer with little fuss. At only 23 he has time to wait for the right club. That club isn`t Tottenham Hotspur.


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  • still get fed up every time I think about us (Villa) selling Cahill, such a good player and he seems to be developing as many in the youth set up expected him to. What a shame… (I can hear you all getting the violins out!)

  • jealousy will get you nowhere richard.

    just because you play the worst football in the prem and have no chance of getting into the ‘ludicrous’ europa league!

  • Maybe because he wants to play for a team that plays proper football and stands a chance of winning/quali for something. With you lot there is more chance of going down than winning a cup or getting into Europe. And as for Jenas, you would die to have that sort quality at your small club

  • oh and as for the loses, you seem to forget at 1-0 against chelsea we should have had a pen and them a man sent off and against Man U, Berbs dived worse than Edmundo to get the freekick for their leveler, both these changed the games. And we also destroyed Liverpool and sit 4th in the prem!

  • Didn’t read the article – just the title. I reckon it might be something to do with being 100% certain he’ll play in the premiership… DISCUSS

  • Cahill wouldn’t go to the top 4 as he is not good enough. Given the chance he would jump at the chance to go to Tottenham where he might actually win something unlike at bolton (when was the last time you boys won anything??), however it is debatable that we would want him! Can’t wait until saturday when we urinate all over you little club. Remember, your just a small team in manchester!

  • SORRY! But it’s not Harry – there’s been no direct quotes. Just a fan’s rumour. This story is obviously a load of rubbish just put out there to wind Bolton up b4 we play them this weekend. It’s dropping to the slimy depths that scuzball Ferguson might pull – in fact, he did try the same b4 they came to The Lane with Modric. Fortunately, the little Croat came out and said he’s not interested – I hope yur lad does the same. But either way, I’m not happy about these low tactics being employed, let’s just play the game on Saturday and may the best team win. No, come on, we might beat you for once! 😉 Come on you Spurs!

  • Get off your high horses will you. Taking a piece of gossip from the Sunday People (?!?!) to have digs at Spurs… Real class. Then again if you had to base an article of facts the headline would have been “Why the f@*k did Cahill ever go to Bolton?”.

  • Fair points Stratty. The story was in the People on Sunday – not exactly a reputable source. In any case, I can’t see Cahill being affected. He’s a very level headed lad.

  • Guys, the title and the article are a little silly and you know it. Forget all the macho bull$h1t about “we’re gonna beat you”, we’ve got more points off Spurs than any other club” (clearly not true)! Bottom line is Cahill would much rather play for Spurs than Bolton and that is a fact BUT Spurs have at least 3 centre backs that are better than him (King, Woodgate, Bassong).. I could even argue that Dawson and Corluka are better (and they are) but I am trying to be as impartial as possible. The only reason Cahill would not go to Spurs is because he would not be guaranteed first team football. At Bolton he is but that may be in the fizzy pop league next year. So come on Richard stop being silly.

  • hed leave for a 5 year deal , 50k a week and playing for a team that actually has ambition , plays attractive football and takes more than 500 hundred to away games .

  • I agree with the article. Cahill isn’t the finished product, but without doubt he’ll be a top four player before too long. Spurs will never be anything other than also rans – no matter how much they spend. It would be a big mistake for him to go there.

  • Know-nothing spurs fans, especially tigerwasp. Bolton is not in Manchester. Also in the last sentence it should be you are, or you’re. I’m not normally so pedantic but your (correct use of your) ignorance and sad attitudes deserve to be noticed

  • Spurs supporters still think of themselves as a big club, all the bluster about a new stadium and its a training ground they are building. Not a top 6 club never will be, i will concede they have had success in one minor european cup and always do well in the Fa Cup but sadly the deluded thousands that support them are living on dreams and fond memories.

  • Adlington – Noticed or noted?? Get it right if your gonna try and be clever (clever – the word clearly not linked to yourself too often). And the Manchester comment was clearly a joke, like people calling Liverpool and small team from Wales! Get a life!

  • I wont start slating Bolton, i understand not all fans are like this auther. It sounds very much like you have something against spurs. If it isnt jealousy what is it? Well im not sure how good Cahill is, but making a move to Spurs would obviously big a massive step up for the lad. So if Rednapp was interested in him then a move would be very possible in january. I think Kings days are numbered.

  • I would say nice article Rich but, unfortunately, you’ve caused the bilious thoughts of Spurs supporters to be inflicted on us.

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