Date: 10th May 2018 at 3:31pm
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Among the buzz of Sunday’s events, Ken Anderson didn’t seem very committed when asked about the future of Phil Parkinson.

“We need to reflect on what has and hasn’t happened. I will have talks with the manager in the coming weeks,” was his answer.

It would be hugely unfair if Parkinson wasn’t able to lead the team into the start of next season. Granted, we could start awfully, and no manager, or anyone in football for that matter, can forever sit on their laurels, but let’s indeed reflect on “what has and hasn’t happened.”

What has happened? Parkinson came in just under two years ago to a club that could have died, barely scraped 30 points as they finished bottom of the Championship, and won back promotion to the second tier at the first attempt. In his second season, we started badly but recovered to finish out of the bottom three. Rob Holding, Zach Clough, and Gary Madine were all sold along the way, all key players at the time.

What hasn’t happened? He still hasn’t been allowed to buy a player, and although assured the transfer embargo would be sorted not too long after arriving from Bradford, it took over a full year, or three transfer windows if you want to put it that way.

Yes, he’s made decisions at times that are hard to defend. Derik, Karl Henry, and Darren Pratley didn’t work together in midfield, Mark Little and Antonee Robinson should have both been back in the side long before Sunday, and watching us defend 1-0 leads for an eternity can be unnerving. But over the course of two seasons, with the squads he has had, he’s done well, where a lot of managers would have failed.

Having put up with a difficult situation, if investment did come in, he has earned his chance to work with looser purse strings.


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    • Good! if that’s your attitude to supporting your team as a so called ‘fan’ we don’t want you there anyway ????

    • If you can’t support what’s in front of you given everything that’s happened take the easy option and go and watch City or United like everyone else who finds football life tough.

  • Phil Parkinson has had 2 years with the Wanderers, year 1 he got promotion even with a transfer embargo, year 2, transfer embargo still in place, cannot sign anyone for money, free transfers and out of contract players, after 1st 10 games W0 D2 L8 = 2 points, 100/1 ON favourites to be relegated, no hopers, you can only play with the players he had so year 2 Miracle Man………… have to give him a chance for 12 games at least then evaluate the situation.

    • Well said. People need to realise that there is nit many manager’s out there that would be able to do the same job with the same results. Some would of even quit.

  • New investment a must!, you get what u pay for in life, and football is no different then we can judge party properly, I think he deserves some time

  • Yes i want phil parkinson stay at bolton he good manager if the players play like sunday never know what around rhe corner we come end up in play off only but try every hard work with the team giv the guy a chance get another manager in mite be crap phil parkinson know what he doing

  • I agree with Linda’s comment it’s as they say,,,better the devil you know!,, two seasons now and two positive endings,, remember Man U persisting with fergie? Patient and solid plans more often reap dividends, onward and upward bwfc!!!

  • I am a Wanderer in exile, living in the South East for the last 40 years. This year I have seen 8 live games but follow all the others on the radio and the BEN twitter feed. I have a number of concerns about Phil Parkinson mainly focussed on away perfoemances and his inability to change things quickly.
    A game that comes to mind is QPR where it was obvious after 10 minutes we needed to change the shape as their two wide men fired in the crosses to the 6′ 6″ Smith. We were fortunate to get to half time 0-0 when he did change it; for the first ten minutes after half time we looked to have control of the game until Little got sent off. Brentford as another game where had we been more adventurous we could have got a least a point.
    However my main concerns are the away performances at Middlesbrough, Cardiff, Derby and Burton which were abject and to me require an explanation. The same team that played so well against Villa was essentially the same one that surrendered meekly at Burton.
    Losing Madine was a blow and could have resulted in us being relegated, however there was nothing we could do about it as he had the chance to double his wages and will now play in the Premier league – good luck to him as he always gave 100%. Lots of criticism of Parkinson in that he didn’t line up a replacement; my own view is that he did in the form of CYL with the intention of changing the way we played. The last minute decision by Palace could have cost us our place in the championship.
    Final point on Parkinson; Wilbraham was excellent on Sunday, lots of energy for the full 90 minutes, won lots of headers and good distribution of the ball. Wilbraham didn’t get fit overnight he could have played earlier with Alf and we could have afforded to take more risks against Leeds, Birmingham, Millwall and Burton.

  • Some good points Burnden63, though my view is he’s only human & has had to cope with incredible adversity really – first the embargo then the only club in the Championship not to spend a penny on transfers. For me, so far he’s done everything that’s been asked of him – allbeit staying up by the skin of our teeth this season, though I would argue that I think the guys thought they’d done it after the Villa game which led to a slight drop in performance that will be punished at this level. I don’t defend that except to say, again, everybody’s human – but the up-side of that is it can be argued that really we were better than 4th bottom – which is very much down to Parky, so, for me he’s very much deserved a go with (hopefully) some cash behind him

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