Date: 19th May 2018 at 12:48pm
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Phil Parkinson was summoned yesterday by Ken Anderson for talks – after initial doubts that the manager would be kept on for a third season in charge of Bolton Wanderers, it seems that he has been given the nod to continue leading the club, with an action plan underway to recruit this summer.

At a minimum, this would be the second window where we’re at least no longer hamstrung by the transfer embargo, and as said many a time on these pages, having taken and kept us up, Parky deserves to keep his job. That’s not to say I want the club to kick on. The thought of scrapping to stay alive in the Championship for years on end doesn’t fill me with excitement, to be honest. The most likely way of addressing that though is to recruit better players and give a manager who has done a job so far a chance to climb the table.

Talk of wanting younger signings to bring energy into the team is more than welcome – David Wheater, Adam Le Fondre, Karl Henry, Darren Pratley, Filipe Morais and Aaron Wilbraham to name a few are all over 30, and if those out of contract don’t go this summer, they’ll have to be replaced sooner rather than later. Investment or not, this is something that should be addressed this summer, Wheater is signed up and Le Fondre has a year left, but if we can get an acceptable level of replacement we should move the other four on.

It would be assumed all this has been planned without external investment, as we’ve all learned in the last couple of years, these things don’t happen quickly, and even if we fell under new ownership by the time the window shuts, any money may have come too soon for the summer.

In any case, I’m hoping for a younger and improved Bolton squad come the start of August. To what extent, I don’t know.


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  • Over 50 years watching BWFC I’ve seen us at the top with Big Sam and at the bottom, the past two seasons we have been very lucky to stay up, I can only express my own opinion on how the first team has played this season and how that reflects upon the manager PP.

    With supporters doing a collection to sign Alf on in the past and knowing what Alf is capable of myself i.e. Being Top Goal Scorer, I disagree on PP carrying on as manager of BWFC, I take that view on the amount of changes he’s made week upon week, there’s not been a settled team, and it’s as if at times “ Your face doesn’t fit, tough luck” we’ve seen it with a number of our players and I feel one has only to look at Taylor to highlight PP judgement on team selection.

    I look at the players we have signed on this past two seasons, the likes of Darby and dare I say Wilbraham, whilst the latter came good in two games, I must state “ we have better players to play in those positions and it’s not just down to those two players, Taylor has denied better players a place after playing bad week after week.

    I am very grateful to both Ken and PP for moving this club on in the right direction, but we need a new manager to take us up to the next level, be that mid table or above, PP has signed a number players including a 3 million player loved by all BWFC supporters namely Clough, he scored a goal and got taken off, never really able to show his worth.

    I’d like to see Micheal Appleton in charge next season, local Salford Lad born and bread near Vella and the only BWFC player to score 5 goals in one match Tony Caldwell!

  • The man is not good enough to manage a Championship side.
    Only has one style of play hoofball. Never seems to know his best team, keeps chopping and changing.
    Not looking forward to another season with him in charge.

  • No arguments on here it’s a new page for us all my opinion is I would stick by pp and give him a chance to actually spend some doh instead of scratching about looking for loans and out of contract players, not many managers could’ve done what he has with the resources her been given if he was to get the boot then lee is the man who’s gotta get the job. BOLTON TILL I DIE

    • My opinion – I’ve already contacted BWFC to make them aware I’m 65 years of age, to get my discount for the coming season, as for PP he’s had quality players in the club, but decided not to use them all in the same team, hopefully PP will be used as a temporary manager, let’s hope Mr Anderson comes back to earth and re considers his opinion on PP ASAP

  • Bolton fans are miserable moaning know it alls.
    Everyone’s a manager. Embargo got us promoted had to sell Clough. Then Madine.
    21st was what we started off to finish. Some signings have not been the best but embargo,wage embargo.
    As it turned out Madine and his sale which was a gamble paid off.
    Give the guy a chance. 2 points from 11 matches. Bringing in Henry was a master stroke.
    I agree we need a cull. But if you only have £5 to shop with you go to Lidl.Middlesborough spent £30 million and failed to get up. Aston Villa 4 of the highest earners in the Championship are not up yet.
    Wolves spending £30 million on 2 players.
    Wake up take a Reality check he’s achieved what took Sheffield United 6 seasons to get out of that leauge1.
    PP got us kept us up. All those who were scratching their heads when Aaron Wilbriham was on the team sheet
    we’re eating their words. Forest the worst side defending set pieces a small team and the equaliser came from Wheater n Wilbriham winning the ball in the air 2-2 then who pop us.
    Now a cult hero.
    Yes we need new blood and some of the under 23’s to step up. But at least we will have money and no embargo.

  • PP has had one of the toughest jobs in football. I’ve followed Bolton for over 40yrs seen some amazing highs and depressing lows.
    To do the job he’s done without actually buying any players is a miracle! He has earned the right to have a season where he can truly put his stamp on the team and hopefully compete in one of the toughest leagues in Europe.
    The biggest gamble that just paid off was selling Madine. Our very limited squad was set up to play with a front man who was a target man and could hold the ball up. When Anderson chose to sell him I was convinced we were down. I we very nearly were.
    Good luck next season and can’t wait to see what the squad looks like in August.
    BWFC fans remember we’ve just come up from League 1 and even we can’t dream of promotion to the Premiership yet ???? maybe the season after though ????

  • I agree with the last few comments. PP deserves a chance. I remember a certain manager in Alladyce who was accused of hoof ball – yet they were fantastic times. I was at the final game of the season and it made me very proud to be a BWFC fan. No other team in the history of the English league has come back from such a terrible start, then add embargo, zero money for transfers. Selling Madine would not have been his decision, agree Henry was a master stroke! Well done Parkie you’ve done a great job – I’m looking forward to next season already! ????

  • Iv bean a fan off Bolton all my life and I think the pp I very good manger he got up from league 1 and kept us up in the championship so he needs a chance to take us up agean it’s money that’s letting this club down he had nothing to spend so let’s hope the season the 1

  • I am not a big fan of PP, 6 at the back and Gary Madine up front, even after we had sold him are tactics I find infuriating especially at home, but we do have to remind ourselves of the very dark days we have been through off the pitch, and yet we can still say PP orchestrated a promotion under embargo, never done by anyone else and we survived certain relegation especially after the first 11 games of the season. So I am happy for PP to have a say in a new built team which contains some Championship players of quality. COMON YOU SUPER WHITES

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