Date: 2nd February 2010 at 1:41pm
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According to several sources, Bolton`s young defender Mark Connolly will be joining St Johnstone on loan for the rest of the season.

One of those sources is the BBC and as frequently happens, they`re not quite on the button.

‘The 18-year-old Irishman, who moved from Wolves to West Brom for £1m – could make his Saints debut against Rangers on Wednesday,` writes some unnamed scribe.

Ok, we get the Bolton, Wolves, St Johnstone and Rangers bits, but where do West Brom come into this?

The Beeb mixes up Bolton and Blackburn sometimes (it`s the Fat Sam connection) and up until recently they had someone called Ian Nolan playing for the Whites. This only stopped when ‘Ian` moved to Newcastle United.

But this is a new one. If anyone can suggest a link between Bolton and West Brom, however tenuous, please go ahead.

Oh, and best regards to turfmanphil, our pet Burnley supporter. We hope you`re soon feeling better.


6 Replies to “The BBC Gets a Bit Confused – Again”

  • Perfectly well but suggest you read your bible for comfort or maybe Piers Morgan is more your style who said in the Sunday Mail-Permit me to suggest that King Herod might be a more appropriate Biblical figure for Mr Coyle to compare himself with. A leader who embarked on a colossal building project that excited and enthralled his chosen people, then descended into vanity, arrogance, treachery and cruelty-turning on his own family and being responsible for the massacre of the innocents.

    I cant see any connection between West Brom and Bolton except you wont be playing them next season when they get promoted 🙂

  • erm are we forgetting a certain gary megson who used to (un)manage us or even Robinson???? they both been at west brom but i am at a loss on any others??

  • On Monday Radio 2 reported that West Ham had signed “Bolton” striker Benni McCarthy, and you know they’ll start getting us confused with Burnley now Coyle’s our manager. Maybe after BBC Sport moves to Salford they’ll start confusing all the London clubs with each other… then again, probably not.

  • They’re up there somewhere, they all look the same to me. Come on, it is a bit hard for your average home counties public schoolboy who works for the BBC.

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